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Excellence Initiative

The Research Unit „Design & Behavior“ is one of the collaborative research projects within C-SEB (Center for Social and Economic Behavior),

The Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB) was established in 2015 as a result of the University of Cologne's (UoC’s) successful application to the Excellence Initiative of the German government. In its institutional strategy “Meeting the Challenge of Change and Complexity”, the UoC defines four Key Profile Areas (KPAs) that address topics of high scientific and societal relevance. C-SEB institutionalizes the KPA II “Behavioral Economic Engineering and Social Cognition” that brings together researchers from economics, management science, psychology, and related fields to investigate social and economic behavior. The center is also embedded in the UoC Competence Area II “Social and Economic Behavior” (CA II) which is associated with KPA II and houses various research endeavors on social and economic behavior.